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Dr. Depenbusch

Michael J. Depenbusch, M.D

Michael J. Depenbusch, MD, is a board-certified Ophthalmologist and Fellow of the American Society of Cosmetic Surgery with a special interest in aesthetic medicine and the newest advances in laser technology. As Medical Director of Rejuvenation Medical Spa, he is committed to providing exceptional care to his patients with innovative precision and dedication. His regular presence is a rarity among medical spas, and he monitors both our staff and procedures to ensure safety and the highest quality of care. As a board-certified Ophthalmologist, he understands many of the critical issues related to skin treatments, especially of the face and complicated peri-orbital regions.

Dr. Depenbusch is the CEO and Medical Director of Arizona Eye Center and Rejuvenation Medical Spa. He is a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Board of Ophthalmology, Arizona State Physicians Association, and American Society of Cosmetic Surgery and is endorsed by The Consumer’s Research Council of America. He has been featured in Phoenix’s most prestigious magazine issue “Top Doctors” for the last five years.

Dr. Depenbusch performs every Botox injection and filler procedure at Rejuvenation Medical Spa. He has been doing Botox for over 18 years and has specialized in Blepharoplasty’s for over 19 years.